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Bioasshard Arena [v0.9.271] [VersusX]

It’s a 3D game created in Stunning Motor 4. It’s a joke in light of Biohazard (You speculated I think). It’s a grown-up spoof game in light of the Occupant Fiendish establishment. So you can anticipate an endurance loathsomeness (activity situated) with contaminated foes that will attempt to get some “help” on you. The thought was brought into the world from our adoration to the Occupant Abhorrent establishment, particularly to the fifth part. This one we played for more than hundred hours. Indeed add this to our adoration for hentai games and the outcome? Bioasshard. In any case, don’t think this is simply founded on the activity direction the establishment got from Occupant Malicious 5 on ahead. Since the subsequent RE game we love the most is the 2ndone. So there will be riddles and a few unnerving minutes as well.!Installation:
1- Extract and run.
Developer: VersusX
Censored: No
Version: v0.9.271
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, 3DCG, Animated, Anal sex, Big ass, Combat, Creampie, Female protagonist, Horror, Monster, Oral sex, Parody, Shooter, Vaginal sex
+New+ Mission 11

+New+ 3 more jump types for Julia

+New+ 4 more jump types for enemies

+New+ Jump animations for the new jump types for Julia and the enemies

+New+ Key items can now have more than one use

+New+ 3 hair pubes styles (including a new fiber one) for Julia

+Change+ The physical attack to a stunned enemy command prompt has now priority over everything else, including dodging

+Change+ The POI icon for interactable stuff has got its behind the scene behavior (i.e., the code for it to work) reworked making it lighter and simpler

+Change+ Every interactable is now a ‘child’ of a Parent class containing all the shared code for them to be interacted

+Change+ The mission selector screen now allows scrolling through missions

+Change+ Tweaks have been made to Mission 1 in terms of enemy’s behavior

+Fix+ Changing your tier level resets the weapon upgrades

+Fix+ There’s a jump down in the “VR Level” (Mission 1 & 10) that can get Julia stuck out of bounds

+Fix+ Closed doors aren’t showing their associated camera

+Fix+ Inflation keeps causing flickering on Julia’s belly when it’s not at full
+Fix+ Reading a document with a usable item equipped (does not happen with weapons) show both the item and the document in the hand

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