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Home » DeadMoon Survival [v0.7] [Hot Tomato]

DeadMoon Survival [v0.7] [Hot Tomato]

Humankind is in the edge of breakdown, society is no more and the main thing left is the shouts of the undead,
reverberating across the ruined roads of a distant memory progress.

DeadMoon Endurance is a decision based visual novel where you will shape the destiny of the world.
Is it safe to say that you will end up being a boss beast slayer or will you cry in a corner gulping your own snot?
Perhaps you will become something different for those you hold dear… a beast.

This game is very dull, and it could be said, practical.
Peril prowls everywhere and a few decisions need your speedy responses.

However, don’t worry, the revulsions of the apocalyse are not by any means the only thing that look for you,
there’s additionally space for a few zesty circumstances.
All things considered, people generally take a stab at a beam of light in the center of gloom.
Trust is the best way to push ahead

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