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Home » Iragon 18+[v0.95.49 Beta] [Repulse]

Iragon 18+[v0.95.49 Beta] [Repulse]

You play the game as Darick, an unfortunate youngster from a little town. Everything for him changes when
he meets Erika, a sexually open young lady who gets trapped by fighters of the Domain.
To help her, you should figure out how to utilize your sorcery, yet on your mission to bring her home
safe you should travel into a hazardous frozen world. En route, you will
fight aggressors, undead skeletons, and maybe run into tempting animals
of the frozen land while you open new suggestive undertakings with the delightful Erika.
So this is at last a game about experiencing a high dream experience, with a solid accentuation
on placing the player in charge. The game is intended to be knowledgeable about VR, yet we devoted
an equivalent measure of care in conveying a standard variant that will work for players who don’t
have a VR headset.
1- Extract and run.
Developer: Repulse 
Censored: No
Version: v0.95.49 Beta
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Male Protagonist, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Big Tits, Groping, Fully Animated, Full Voiceover, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy,
Virtual Reality & Regular Builds.
Beta v0.95.49 from 11.17.23

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. The non-VR Harbinger Boss Intro scene is officially done, leaving only the music and sounds to be added. We are very happy to share the final result with you and hear your feedback. We made the monster transformation cooler and added a lot of VFX, we added face animations, and other body animation adjustments. You can test it in the Experimental Hall through the “Harbinger Boss Intro” portal. We will be working on the VR version of this scene next week

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  1. Engagement

    Criterion 2

    Criterion 3

    Criterion 4

    To say the game is lacking is being nice...
    This isn’t an adult game, it’s censored sex and tween dialog and combat mechanics.. ..if you want a non-thinking, obtuse story line, no nudity with pretend sex this game’s for you.. ..


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