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Unveiling the Unknown [v0.094 beta] [TwistedScarlett60]

Welcome to a game that flips the script and puts you in the shoes of the overlooked, powerless twin of a world-renowned legendary hero. But hold on tight, because this adventure takes a tantalizing turn.
A curse cast upon you by the wicked demon queen plunges you into a realm of intense arousal, with a range of other potential effects depending on whether you choose to play as a futanari, a femboy, or an alternate identity. Fortunately for you, there’s an entire manor of maids at your beck and call, ready to cater to your every need.​

1- Extract and run.

Developer: TwistedScarlett60 

Censored: No

Version: v0.094 beta

Language: English

Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, animated, multiple protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, female protagonist, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, cheating, creampie, corruption, furta/trans, group sex, handjob, harem, internal view, lesbian, masturbation, milf, oral sex, rape, sex toys, sexual harassment, titfuck, transformation, trap, vaginal sex, virgin, adventure, combat, fantasy, humor, management, monster girl, religion, rpg, turn based combat.

Manor and Story:

  • + Seraphina’s Last Hangout +1 Sex Scene, +2 HCG
  • + Lyra’s Last Hangout +1 Sex Scene, +2 HCG
  • +2 Morning Events, these are the last morning events!
  • +1 New Lyra Chat topic available after her last hangout.
  • +17,000 Words (208,000 tot.)
  • New Mechanic: “Explore”, shops in the city now have to be unlocked by exploring first. This gives a brief introduction to the shop and sets up a side-story in the city.
  • New Building: “Gym”, you can train here to raise a physical stat in exchange for gold.
  • UI Updates, things have been cleaned up, improved and moved. Further details below.
  • Lily’s Maid Profile has been split in two, creating a new ‘Total Stats’ page and a ‘Lily’s Stats’ page. The stats screen that was accessible from the bedroom has been moved here. The ‘Cheats’ menu has also been moved there.
  • Maid Stat Contribution now only lists the stats they can even add. Other stats such as Mirabelle’s Shield and Emi’s Crit Damage are now included.
  • You can no longer ‘roll back’ when on the Maid or Manor upgrade menus. For me personally, this is a nice QoL change.
  • Currency and the Upgrade Menu buttons now only appear in your bedroom
  • Made some revisions and fixes to Emi’s second hangout. The truth and dare has been recoded to properly go back and forth alternatinv with truth/dare, the undressing dares now work with the new oufits and you can now choose to remove your bra.


  • New Dungeon Plus: You can now reset your dungeon progress and all upgrades and enter a ‘new game plus’ mode.
  • +5 Unique Post-Dungeon Events – At four floor benchmarks, Tinker, Katie, Imp and Yuli will come forward and give you a reward.
  • Buffed Mirabelle’s Shield from +30 to +60 per Core Enhancement
  • “Staying Alive” upgrade has been changed: The first time you go below 0 HP in the dungeon, gain 1 HP and 25% Max HP as Shield. If you manage to reach 100% HP again, this effect resets.
  • You can now completely reset or max out all upgrades from the Cheat Menu, along with some other cheat menu improvements.
  • Added tooltips to the Cosmic Pyramid, Swift Potion, Spirit Potion and Bombs
  • Enchantress Upgrade Tree prices past the first upgrade have all been raised to a minimum of 200.
  • Several stats are now recalculated at the start of a dungeon run, increasing consistency and reducing bugs on old save files.
  • Recoded how ‘cheated’ stats work. Cheated stats are now isolated and can be easily applied and removed. Old saves with cheated stats will be reverted to normal.


  • Katie’s sex scenes now properly progress
  • Doubled the price of Vitality Runes
  • Daily income is now recalculated at the start of every single day
  • Fixed Magical Imports not reflecting its daily Emerald in the UI
  • Fixed a crash where players put on Emi’s Ninja outfit before her 5th hangout
  • Fixed one of Juggernaut’s morning events getting skipped
  • Fixed several instances of resistances making you take more damage instead of less
  • Fixed a lot of HP upgrades and buffs having the incorrect values (+25 instead of +50)
  • Fixed a few instances of the character’s identity being mixed up
  • Removed a surprisingly large amount of accidental stat upgrades on random manor upgrades
  • Fixed Lyra’s name not being customizable when you meet her
  • Prevented some Morning Events from playing consecutively.
  • Typo fixes

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