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Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret [Final Version]

A youthful mage from an honorable family shows up at a far-off palace to find it demolished and her sister missing. Will she be ready to recuperate lost beast young ladies and reestablish harmony with their power? What cost will she need to pay?

Ada, the female hero, is an extravagant mage with the capacity to utilize the beast young lady’s power as her own. Consolidate them to make your own play style from a strong fight mage to a sensitive seductress. Will you beat your foes through power or make them into your toys? It depends on you!

Your changes with your activities in story and missions so both scandalous and unadulterated stroll through will be agreeable. Every scene has 2 renditions and I’m pondering adding the third choice where Ada starts to lead the pack totally. However, this stuff is for what’s in store.

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